no minimum orders for color custom compounding and Toll Processing in the US and Chinacustom color compounding for PC, ABS, Nylon, and TPE Resins

custom and toll compounding of thermoplastic resins

Our Services

Americhem provides a wide array of products and services, with full technical support operating within a world-recognized quality system. We do the little things for our customers that make a difference. Customer Service employees personally confirm all orders in writing and communicate order changes as they occur. Excellent relationships are maintained with raw material suppliers so that current material technology is available to our customers. We know time is of the essence, therefore, color matching and product testing is handled in-house by our fully-trained technical staff in our on-site color and testing labs. Our Technical Services team assists our customers with product questions or processing issues.  

The difference in dealing with Americhem is we make it our business to know what our customers need, what is going on in the industry, and what the future may hold. Your success translates into our success.

Custom Compounding

Americhem can custom color and compound a vast range of thermoplastic engineering resins to customer requirements. In fact, the majority of Americhem customers request custom compounding services. Our in-house R&D staff will develop engineering resin formulations with additives and colorants that meet your product specifications. Fully-trained Color Matchers will expertly match your color, and our technical staff will test the custom product until it accurately meets the product specifications.

Toll Processing

You supply the material, and Americhem will compound it according to your formulation and instructions. Strict confidence and secrecy are maintained, allowing you to take full advantage of the marketing potential for your product. Toll processing offers our customers an excellent opportunity to sample new ideas, reduce aged inventory, and utilize scrap or regrind materials.

Technical Services

Above and beyond manufacturing and delivering quality product, Americhem is here to assist our customers with any product related concerns or questions, such as:


Research & Development

Color Matching
Our technical staff works closely with customers to achieve the exact color, application, and performance requirements for their product. Americhem’s Color Matchers are the best in the industry, and we strive to be the leader in the field of color science and education. We understand all aspects of coloring thermoplastics, including fundamentals of color science, physics, instrumentation, colorant and polymer chemistry, dispersion and distribution technology, as well as extrusion and injection molding.

Product Development
We work closely with you to understand your application and then specify a polymer, blend or alloy that meets or exceeds your performance requirements. Our technical staff is expert in the latest UV, antioxidant, fiber, filler, flame-retardant and lubrication technology so you can be assured that you are getting the very best product for your application. Our laboratory includes all of the major analytical and mechanical testing instrumentation to support your product development.