no minimum orders for color custom compounding in the US and Chinacustom color compounding for PC, ABS, Nylon, and TPE Resins

About Us: Company Personnel

Experienced engineers, researchers and scientist in the plastic color compounding business


James Figaniak - Vice President / General Manager
Robert Bissinger - CFO
Darice Keyes - Human Resources Manager (Morrisville & Swedesboro)
Jan Urion - Purchasing Agent

Sales & Product Development Personnel

James Figaniak - Vice President / General Manager
Bill Feldman- Director of Sales
Don Hone - Market Development Manager
Steve Schlegel - Distribution Manager
Tim Carroll - Global Account Manager
Bob Cook - Senior Account Manager
Raphael Delgado - Senior Account Manager
Jim Duffy - Key Manager
Jim Howard - Senior Account Manager
Vanessa Mirabile - Product Manager
Tracy Cuevas - Customer Service
Lisa Magyar - Customer Service

Kumar Parimal - Product Development Manager
Shannon Powell - Lab/Technical Services Manager
Dave Arabia - Color Development Leader