no minimum orders for color custom compounding in the US and Chinacustom color compounding for PC, ABS, Nylon, and TPE Resins

Our Facilities


Compounding Equipment:

All extruders are supported by 3 to 8 gravimetric feeders that handle a variety of raw materials from pellets to powders to fibers. In addition, our compounding lines utilize the finest melt filtration devices and material handling equipment to guarantee product cleanliness. Each extruder screw design is optimized for the polymer and compounding task. All material contact surfaces are polished stainless steel.

Auxiliary Equipment: Various fines/dust removal systems for optical/medical grade compounding.
Automated bagging and packaging lines to accommodate any packaging requirement.
Centralized and redundant utilities to minimize maintenance downtime.
Data collection and storage on critical process points.

Analytical Lab Equipment: Impact tester for plasticsFilm machine for plastic films

Processing Lab Equipment: