recycled plastic resins

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Product Lines: EcoFast®

True high performance recycled resin program for PC/ABS alloys, ABS, PC and PC/PET plastic resins

EcoFast recycled engineering resins are a proprietary product line available with both post-consumer and post-industrial recycle content. The recycled content resins are fully compounded formulations produced to demanding specifications to ensure consistent application performance.

EcoFast resins are intended to provide a “green” alternative choice without sacrificing performance. These engineering resins are designed with property profiles comparable to virgin resins to meet new or existing product specifications. EcoFast resins can be supplied to tight color specifications, with RoHS compliance, and with UL® approval. Presently EcoFast is offered in PC/ABS alloys, ABS, PC, and PC/PET resins. In addition, Infinity LTL offers custom solutions in other resin families.

Infinity LTL’s EcoFast line is more than just a product; it is part of our comprehensive recycle program offered to our customers. By working with an OEM or part manufacturer as a consultant, contractor, partner, or supplier, Infinity LTL can assist with many phases of a recycling project or initiative. Infinity LTL is a resource that can provide integrated capabilities for the design, selection, sourcing, and collection aspects of a customer’s recycle program. The EcoFast program is an environmentally conscious “system” approach to the plastic product life cycle.

Step-by-Step Professional Recycling Assistance

  • Recycling Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Program Parameters
  • Recovery & Recycling Process Design
  • Development of ROI Models
  • Program Implementation
  • On-going Program Management

EcoFast resins deliver “Assured Pedigrees” for recycled content with properties and performance comparable to prime resins.

EcoFast Recycled Engineering Resins– a choice, not a compromise!