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Apr 8, 2011

Press Release - New Compounds for LED Lighting "Hot-Spots"

Release of High-Efficiency Compounds Designed for LED Lighting Lens/Diffuser Applications

LTL Color Compounders announced today the availability of its new line of diffusing compounds for LED lighting applications.  The new compounds address the increased demands of LED lighting applications, which include hiding the "hot-spots" of the LED source while providing uniform light distribution and high light transmission.  This combination of performance characteristics enables optimized performance from the LED device for highest lighting efficiency with lowest energy consumption.

According to Don Hone, Business Manager, "The new compounds will be marketed under LTL's ColorFast® registered trade name and are available in UL-Listed polycarbonate and acrylic resin systems suitable for injection molding or extrusion processes.  Formulations can be customized to meet the specific hiding, diffusing and transmission requirements of the specific application.  Specific tints are also available for unique applications."