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Aug 6, 2013

Press Release - X Series™ Thermoplastic Compounds

LTL introduces X Series™ Thermoplastic Compounds for Extruded Sheet, Profile and Film Applications
LTL Color Compounders, Inc. has introduced a new product line, ColorFast® X Series™ - proprietary thermoplastic compounds for extruded sheet, profile and film applications.

The ColorFast X Series product line, which includes fully formulated compounds as well as performance and color masterbatch, is specifically formulated for monolayer and multi-layer extrusion applications. Available features include excellent weatherability, high opacity, high or low gloss, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and substrate versatility. LTL Color Compounders, Inc., offers a customized solutions approach by tailoring products to process and application needs.

ColorFast X Series compounds are currently available in the following resins: ABS, ASA, PMMA, and PA6 for use in monolayer or multi-layer structures. These compounds are formulated for use over a wide range of substrates including ABS, HIPS, PA, PC/ABS, PP, PVC and TPO.

Masterbatch formulations are available for use with preferred base resins to provide customized performance enhancements including color, gloss modification, and scratch improvement.

For more information on ColorFast X Series products and how LTL Color Compounders, Inc. customized solutions can bring value to specific applications, contact Don Hone, LTL Color Compounders, Inc., 20 Progress Drive, Morrisville, PA 19067. Tel: 800-863-4260. Fax: 215-736-1128