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Feb 7, 2012

Press Release - ColorRx® Antimicrobial Line Expansion

LTL recently expanded its line of ColorRx Antimicrobial Grade Resins.
ColorRx AM grades contain a silver ion antimicrobial additive and are available in a wide range of polymer types. Both master batches and ready-to-use product are offered.

“LTL has worked closely with a key supplier of silver antimicrobial additives to develop the ColorRx AM line using proven silver ion technology. LTL can provide customized solutions tailored to customers’ specific materials, color requirements, and desired degree of antimicrobial protection, either as a ready-to-run material or a master batch,” says Phil Dix, LTL medical marketing and development manager.

In EPA-regulated applications (non-medical device) the ColorRx AM line protects molded or extruded plastic articles from discoloration, degradation, or odor development caused by the growth of microorganisms on the article. In FDA-regulated and approved medical devices the ColorRx AM line provides added protection from pathogenic bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections. In healthcare settings ColorRx AM grades should be used in conjunction with good sanitation practices.

For more information on the range of polymer grades available, contact Phil Dix at (800) 863-4260 or phil.dix