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Jan 16, 2012

Press Release - LTL Introduces ColorRx® NB Line

ColorRx NB Grades are designed for use in medical equipment enclosures

such as monitoring and imaging devices, where body contact is not an issue.
The NB series is not based on resins and colorants that have been tested for biocompatibility and should not be used in medical applications that require biocompatible materials. According to Phil Dix, medical marketing and development manager at LTL, “ColorRx NB grades offer improved economics compared to ColorRx RX grades that are based on biocompatibility-tested materials for device applications involving body contact.”

The following grades are offered in four standard colors - white, two cool grays, blue - and can be manufactured in custom colors as well.

ColorRx Grade Description
PC-1000NB            Polycarbonate, 10 melt
PC-1500NB            Polycarbonate, 15 melt
PC-2000NB            Polycarbonate, 20 melt

FRPC-1000NB        Flame retarded PC, UL V0 rated

ABS-0500NB          ABS with improved indoor light stability

FRA-1100NB          Flame retarded ABS, UL V0 rated with improved indoor light stability

PA-2000NB            PC/ABS alloy with improved indoor light stability

FRPA-2000NB         Flame retarded PC/ABS, UL V0 rated with improved indoor light stability

PCPT-1000NB         PC/PET alloy with outstanding chemical resistance
PCPB-1000NB         PC/PBT alloy with improved chemical resistance

For more information, contact Phil Dix at (800) 863-4260 or phil.dix