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Aug 3, 2011

Press Release - Dongguan LTL Color Compounders Partners with Metro Wealth Polymer

Dongguan LTL Color Compounders, Ltd. has sold a minority interest to Metro Wealth Polymer PTE Ltd.
Custom compounder Dongguan LTL Color Compounders, Ltd. has sold a minority interest to Metro Wealth Polymer PTE Ltd. The new partnership is designed to benefit the customers of both companies through a broader product offering and expanded technical support.


According to Jim Figaniak, president of Dongguan LTL Color Compounders, Ltd., “This collaboration brings a strong financial partner to Dongguan LTL along with a manufacturing presence in Malaysia and a sales and distribution network throughout SE Asia.  Metro Wealth will supply Dongguan LTL with recycled feedstocks to support our EcoFast™ product line not only in Asia but in our U.S. operations as well. In turn, Metro Wealth gains a manufacturing presence in mainland China along with advanced products like ColorFast®, ColorRx®, and Surlyn Reflections Series® to service its existing customers and can draw upon new technology to grow its business in SE Asia.”


Figaniak continued, “Of course the major benefits of the partnership will accrue to customers of both companies. Dongguan LTL will have greater access to prime and recycled raw materials, which is expected to shorten lead times and lower prices.  Metro Wealth customers in China will be able to source locally produced material in much shorter periods of time with anticipated reduced costs as well.  All customers will benefit from the increased pool of technical knowledge and capability, making both compounding companies more valuable to the marketplace. Mutually, the companies will offer the responsiveness of a local supplier with global resources.  And, each company will have the added ability to supply closed-loop recycled materials in China and SE Asia for U.S. OEMs.”


About Dongguan LTL Color Compounders, Ltd.

One of the LTL group of companies, Dongguan LTL Color Compounders, Ltd. specializes in color and additive compounding of a select group of polymers used primarily in engineering applications for electronics, medical, business machinery, automotive, telecommunications and other industries. It has an 82,000-sq-ft. manufacturing and warehouse facility in Dongguan, China and is certified to ISO 9001:2008. For additional information regarding Dongguan LTL visit http:


About Metro Wealth Polymer PTE Ltd.

Metro Wealth Polymer was established in 2003 and specializes in manufacturing thermoplastics. The company maintains 19 production lines for compounding and coloring along with two sampling lines. Metro Wealth’s vision is to be the industrial leader in high-tech reprocessed engineering plastics in Asia and has obtained UL approval for halogen free, recycled 20% glass filled polycarbonate. Visit Metro Wealth Polymer at: